Heimat’s Return: Reflections on a German Legacy

8 June 2014 @ 12:00 – 13:00
The Edinburgh Film Guild Cinema
88 Lothian Road
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 9BZ

In 1984, Edgar Reitz released the first part of his film epic Heimat to great acclaim. 30 years later, Reitz is back with his latest instalment, ‘Home From Home — Chronicle of a Vision’.

In her lecture, Dora Osborne will look back at Reitz’s iconic work, focusing in particular on the role of ‘Heimat’, that uniquely German notion of homeland and belonging.

How does Reitz’ refashioning of ‘Heimat’ challenge a tradition so burdened by its own history? Why has his vision of ‘Heimat’ found so much resonance both with and beyond its original German audience? And what can we expect from Reitz’s most recent return to the concept?

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