Edinburgh Film Seminar 2014-15

The programme for the Edinburgh Film Seminar 2014-15 is now up. All are welcome.Film Theory - Felicity Colman




Dr Paul Flaig 

University of Aberdeen

Supposing that the Archive is a Woman: Gustav Deutsch’s Film Archive

Friday 17 October 201416:30 – 18:00G.0150 George SquareJoint German and Film Seminar
Katherine Blakeney 

PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh

The Influence of Silent Film on Modern Animation: Fusing Thesis Research and Independent Filmmaking

Thursday 23 October 201416:30 – 18:00Project Room50 George Square
Dr Felicity Colman

Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

Materialist Film Theory

Thursday 13 November 201416:30 – 18:00Project Room50 George Square
Dr Michael Stewart 

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

The Death of the Father and Cultural Renewal: The Anticipation of Home in The Edge of Heaven (2007) and Father of My Children (2009)

Thursday 27 November 201416:30 – 18:00Project Room50 George Square
New Greek Cinema: A Discussion with FilmmakersKonstantina Voulgari, Yorgos Tsemberopoulos, Yiannis Sakaridis Friday 28 November 201411:30 – 13:00Screening Room50 George Square
Dr Philippa Lovatt 

University of Stirling

Violence and the Ethics of Listening

Thursday 5 February 201516:30 – 18:00Screening Room50 George SquareJoint Music and Film Seminar
Dr Lucy Bolton 

Queen Mary, University of London

Cinema and the Philosophy of Iris Murdoch: Building a Moral Vision

Friday 13 February 201516:30 – 19:00TBCJoint English Literature and Film Seminar
Professor Sarah Cooper 

King’s College London

Merleau-Ponty and Film Theory

Thursday 2 April 201517:15 – 19:00Screening Room50 George SquareJoint French and Film Seminar



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